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Suggestions for paint color

2 months ago

My husband and I completely gutted my parents home and are renovating it with the intention of moving in. We are really having difficulty choosing a paint color for the Familyroom because the colors in the fireplace (see pictures) seem that they will dictate the color choice. We will be using our current living room rug, furniture and Roman shades for now, so I’m sharing pictures of those also. The pic with the couch cushion on the floor by the rug shows the color of the couch best and the new flooring we choose is about the same color (the wall color in the background is one of the sample boards I am trying - that color looks better in my current house than at my parents). I have tried several golden yellows, beiges and greens and just can’t seem to find the right color (and by several, I mean I have bought more than 20 samples and painted them on drywall boards). The windows in the Familyroom face west but for some reason (maybe the fireplace), some colors seem to look grayer in this room. I have lived with too bright orangey yellow in my current Livingroom for several years and don’t want to make that mistake again (you can see that color by the pic of the couch). Any help would be appreciated.

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