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Hardwired, plug in or battery operated motorized shades

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11 months ago

Hi, all, thanks for reading and responding to my questions.

We are building a new house. So we have the option to hardwire all items that need to be motorized. We would like to install Hunter Douglas motorized "top down, bottom up" honeycomb shades. We were offered 3 ways to supply the power and we were told these following:

- Hardwired: this is the cleanest way to do it but if any problems occur in the future, an electrician will have to come to work on it and we may even have to open the walls.

- Plug in: very straightforward and easy for trouble shooting in the future. But there will be wires to deal with.

- Battery operated: it's easy and simple but we will have to change the batteries once or twice a year.

Would you please tell me your experiences and opinions on how you powered (or how you would want to power) your shades? Thank you.

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