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What trim color for snowbound walls

Hello, I'm looking for suggestions on what to paint the trim on my 3 story townhome in the city. I've decided the walls are going to be painted Snowbound by Sherwin Williams throughout the whole house. The style I'm going for is Scandinavian/Nordic vibes. I'm wondering if I should just paint the trim the same color as the walls or maybe just simple white trim or a complimentary color especially because I'm planning on painting the doors. Is it okay to have a wall color, then different color on the trim, then different color doors? Or should I stick with the same trim-color as the doors?

Here's some pics of the color options I was thinking of and the spaces I'm painting. Open to other colors also. Was thinking maybe painting the doors black, but don't know if I should do a 3 color combo. Any suggestions/guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks All!

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