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Should I test my installed quartzite? Plz critique my backsplash idea

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello. Newbie here and I'm having a hard time posting with pictures. We had Neova leathered quartzite installed on our countertops. I see comments here about vendors sometimes mislabeling softer stones as quartzite, and Houzzers recommend doing a lemon test. Our quartzite was the least expensive one that would work in our kitchen, and nothing but my vendor comes up in a google search for neova quartzite.

1. Has anyone ever heard of Neova leathered quartzite? If so, then is that name usually associated with genuine quartzite?

2. We are messy scratch cooks. Should we ask our vendor for a piece to test so we know how much we'll need to baby it? FYI, they did put a 20-year sealant on it.

3. By the way, what do you think about using Anatolia Bliss element glass tile backsplash in mist color (fourth picture) under cabinets and behind stove? Our kitchen is very small and enclosed.

4. Would some of the color from the walls likely show through the glass tile? The glass is slightly lighter than the walls.

5. Do you have any other backsplash suggestions?