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Plum grafting question

2 months ago

I inherited this neglected plum tree with the house. I'm not fond of these plums and would like to use the existing tree to top graft a number of varieties that I prefer. I'd like your input on the type of graft and timing, and on which limbs. I am in the wet Pacific Northwest near Seattle.

For scale, the fence is about 7 feet tall and the trunk is about a foot diameter where it forks.

I think my choices are:

1. Cutting one of the four major limbs and then cleft grafting. Late winter.

2. Bark grafting in July/august.

I've heard that bark grafting is much more successful with plums?

If I go with #2, should I postpone cutting the limb above the bark graft until I am certain the graft was successful?

One other concern is how to manage watersprouts with cuts to such significant limbs. My instinct is to only undertake grafting on one major limb per year. I'd welcome feedback on this.


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