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Tanning ledge (sun deck/baja shelf) or.... tile the whole pool

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hello. It's time to refinish our pool, it's a 15x30 with spa attached. As initial plan, we will be replacing the waterline tiles and new coat of diamond brite. BUT, I started thinking if we should add a tanning ledge/sun shelf to the pool were we could sit in the water (with umbrella) and for the little ones in our family to enjoy as well (but mostly for our lounging pleasure). We are in our 60ish with a grandkid. I was thinking of doing a 6' x 15' ledge with recessed steps on the far side leading into the pool. My husband if of the idea of investing the money in getting the pool fully tiled (also beautiful, and durable), so we don't have to refinish the pool again any time soon and not eat in into the small swimming area we have. So, 1) do a standard refinish, 2) refinish and add sun deck, 3) no sun deck, refinish fully with tiles (glass tiles I believe). Thoughts?? :(

I'm trying to add photos but it seems they're not uploading.

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