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outdoor barbecue on covered patio

last month

We are putting in an outdoor barbecue with hood on our patio. We are looking for feedback on the built in barbecue design, whether to do an L shaped, or a U-shaped barbecue build-in. In the center of the wall in this picture will be a 32 inch barbecue with a 42 inch hood. The advantage of a U-shaped is that it gives us more counter space. The disadvantage is that it blocks the view from our living. Currently, if you’re sitting in the living room, you would probably see a little bit of the barbecue, but not much. If we made it u shaped (it would extend to the post), then one could see it from the living room. We have a fairly large patio. I’m including pictures from different bandages. Would love input and feedback regarding issues we may not see.

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