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Advice needed Opuntia.

last month
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Hi, I repotted what I believe is Opuntia Elisiana, that I've had around here forever. It was in a plastic pot, but I finally found a nice clay, decorative pot.

The pot sizes were about the same. I lifted the plant out of the plastic pot, the roots were highly congested.

So just for an experiment, I decided to prune off the bottom inch or so off the bottom portion of the roots, before putting it in the new pot. This was done a few months ago.

(I know, the first comment will be how congested these multiple plants are for being in one pot. But after reading about root pruning being a way to keep plants smaller in stature, I'm trying this just to learn something.) I added new media into the new pot before putting the now shorter root ball into the new pot.

Now, my question is, there is one pod that Turned a lighter, more yellow in color than the rest, and has some little red dots on it. Should I just remove it, or will it be okay the way it is?

The dots look more red to the human eye than with the camera.

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