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Help with kitchen renovation

Elizabeth F
last month

Pretty obvious by the photos,but our kitchen needs updating! First thing I need to figure out is the cabinets. Was going to paint them but have gotten hesitant. Concerned about durability and also I’m having problems painting over wood that is still in good shape. Is it possible to not paint them and still get an updated look or is that like putting orange shag carpeting in a new house.

I’m also open to any other suggestions on how to update, keeping the appliances in the same place.

Things we are planning on doing:

  1. All new stainless steel appliances
  2. New quartz countertops
  3. New backsplash
  4. Paint
  5. There is limited counter space so was planning g on having a simple counter-height table created with the top the same quartz as the counters.
  6. Under counter lights.
  7. Pullouts in some of the cabinets.
  8. New sink.

Thank you for any advice you can give.

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