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Low VOC waterproof laminate - Evoc, Hartco, Eternity?

Mary Orchid
last month

Hi everyone,

I decided to do engineered wood for the bedrooms. However, for the open kitchen-living room area I want to buy waterproof laminate, which will be less maintenance. I have two young kids and cook lot. I want laminate that is low VOC (preferably green guard gold certified), natural wood (warmer tone) colour. I like evoke surge (lauren colour), hartco laminate as well as one I saw that was with eterniy brand (aquafi). They are all nee collections, can’t seem to find reviews. I also might consider pergo but it was floorscore certification, not green guard. I’d appreciatw your inputs. Thanks!

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  • dan1888
    last month

    There are engineered hardwood products with the same SPC core as lvp. Geowood is one. Sylvan by Flooret has a high-density core and waterproof guarantee. Link Options. Link. You can find examples at HD and Lowes. The benefits include no repeat, not stripey in tone range, a thick hardwood wear layer instead of thin vinyl and a higher quality finish affect. I don't see a reason to choose vinyl.

  • Mary Orchid
    Original Author
    last month

    Thanks Dan. I want to avoid plastic in the floors, but if I knew there was waterproof engineered wood, and it’s low VOC, I would have given it a consideration. I have already ordered the bedroom floors, just need to finalize the decision for living room-kitchen area. I definetely don’t want vynil, I am looking for high quality woodlike laminate that is scratch resistant and waterproof.