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How to improve this grim facade?

2 months ago

We purchased this house in coastal Georgia and plan to live there while we search for waterfront land to build a new home on.

The plusses:

It's marsh front, on a very pretty large lot (we are buying the adjacent lot also), and it's well built, lovely pool, huge nicely-fenced yard, 3 car garage, very large deck, travertine flooring, etc.

The minuses:

The front facade is just awful, from the stained tabby stucco to the odd (ugly red) front door placement, to the cheap shutters, crummy stairs, cheesy porch... UGH.

I am thinking to remove the front stairs and small porch/overhang altogether and add a porch of some kind, but realizing that the back of the home is the focus and the living space, I don't really want to sink too much expense into a front porch.

Also, the septic tank is in the front yard, so I can't make the front porch too large.

Here is what I would like to accomplish.

1. Add value by improving appearance

2. Have a safer, less steep access to the front door

3. Make it so that if I remove/close off the current front door and change the front door access to where the middle window is (by taking the 4th bedroom away, adding a powder room and changing the hallway to the center of the house) that the porch will still serve that option.

So I am thinking to put a porch that runs from midway between the first and third windows, and maybe put a landing partway down the stairs and have stairs that run parallel to the house so that it gives access from both sides?

Your thoughts, and maybe an idea of cost?

Also, in the interim, what kind of plantings or container plants could we do in the front to improve the appearance. (We will be power washing first thing!)

Thanks so much!

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