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How much can you lift?

last month

Me? Barely 41 pounds apparently. I picked up my tile for my shower yesterday. It was a $200 delivery fee so I just picked it up myself. Each box weighs a little over 41 pounds. I can barely get them into my house. It's the steps that are the problem. Two steps up from the garage to the kitchen floor. My leg muscles don't want to do that when carrying that extra weight. I got 1 in by straining up those two steps and carrying them into the livingroom. Then I set the next two on to the kitchen floor and "walked" the boxes into the livingroom. I found that hard on my back, though.

I then decided to try my garden cart, up the two front steps into the livingroom that way. Much worse on the back trying to lift two boxes and the cart up those two steps. The sixth box I brought in through the kitchen, carrying it all the way. Now I'm taking a rest, after taking a tylenol. I have 6 more to go. I have been carrying them close to me, in the center of my body, trying not to strain my back.

Now that I'm retired, I probably should start doing some strengthening exercises and lifting weights. Yesterday while clearing out my closet so they could redo the flooring in there, I found a set of 5 pound weights, covered in dust. I don't have anymore excuses why I can't exercise, do I?

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