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I'm dreading the thoughts and it hasn't even happened yet

10 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

I've been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in my knees (moderate). The right knee is far more painful, never when I walk, but when I go up and down the stairs to my apt, it's excruciating. Getting up from a seated position and heaven forbid if I have to kneel on the floor.

A friend recently went to a pain clinic, she hurt her knee some time ago and it often hurts to walk. A knee brace helps. He said he can inject her knee and it will relieve the pain for 7-8 months and is covered by our provincial medical plan. Other treatments were injections that had to be done every couple or 3 months that she'd have to pay out of pocket.

Someone has to take her as she won't be able to drive home and has to ice her knee that day.

She mentioned my knee and he said he can definitely help me as well, so I have my doctor requesting a referral for me to see him. There's a wait period.......a year and a half, but my friend got in on a cancellation. I'm hoping that I can see him sooner as well.

I'm absolutely dreading the needles, it takes about 20 minutes, at least 2 needles, maybe 4?

Has anyone had knee injections?

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