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Ailing Honey Murcott Tree: SOS!!!

Miss Hibiss
2 months ago


I am the (still) happy tree-mom of a Murcott, or Honey Tangerine, tree that grew from a seed I put in the ground back in 2010 or so. 13 years later, I have a tall tree that has fruited nicely over all this time--until last summer when it suddenly got very ill.

It started losing leaves and not growing them back this past July, and I was startled to see that it was bleeding sap from a few parts of the trunk, which I scratched away and applied fungicide to. Bark was peeling off other parts of the trunk, so I scratched that away, too, to reveal healthy greenness, and applied copper fungicide to those too. (This is the bright blue you can see on the trunks/branches in the photos I've provided.)

A month ago, there was one more sap bleed, which I treated accordingly. The tree has fruit on one side, most of which have been harvested or have fallen from the tree on their own (I assume due to the torrential rains this past summer).

I have also included photos of my nearby Lee Tangerine tree (not seed-grown, purchased) that I noticed bark damage on this past summer, too, so I also treated it with copper fungicide. (It also suffered similar defoliation as Honey did. But I see new sprouts on it, so whew, maybe it didn't get sick too!)

I am not sure if it's Phytophthora root rot (worst fear) or what, but I am giving my tree til March to see if it puts out any new growth. If it doesn't... :( It's gonna hurt to lose it as it's a very special tree.

Please, if anyone has any experience in this or can offer some help, I would MAJORLY appreciate it! I need to save my tree, if I can!!


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