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How to make this feel like home?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

The narrow room makes it a challenge. we are a family of 4 and just want this place to feel like a home until we upgrade

furniture we have to work with at present:

  • We have a modular sofa which can be configured different ways seats pieces are 35” wide and the back sits 38” tall
  • buffet 54” wide x 18” deep x 36“ tall
  • tv console 75” long by 20” deep x 29” tall
  • 55” tv
  • 8x10 area rug
  • dining table 60” x 38” (extends to 84”)
  • 4 dining table chairs
  • 1 floor lamps
  • 2 table lamps about 18-20” to that are currently on the tv console flanking the 55” tv

The total area is 12’ x 23’ the dining area where the bay window is (labeled dining) is aboht 8’ of the 23’ and the livingroom makes up the remainder. as you can see the living room is difficult to center given the construction of the home and the fireplace is flanked by 2 wIndows - in fact the fireplace sode of the home is all windows.

we are looking at buying a new buffet and tv console but would be open to changing other pieces. thank you for the help.

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