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Deck level question

4 months ago

Our reno project specifies a new, large, deck, partially enclosed as a screen porch. Footings are in and decking construction begins this week.

Our contractor raised a possible issue to address - namely, the possibility of water problems / eventual rot for the French doors indicated as #4 on the drawing below.

The issue is that we want the deck level to be as close to flush with the living room floor height as possible so that when we open the Big Door there's a seamless indoor/outdoor experience between the LR and the screened porch. But the current deck design would mean the open deck will also be flush to the French doors on the right, and our contractor says this introduces the possibility of water intrusion and/or wood rot over time. Note: the French doors are existing.

Questions for the group:

(1) Is the water intrusion issue at the French doors a big enough risk to address?

(2) If yes, what options might we consider to address it? Note that the Big Door ($$$$) is ordered and having flush flooring in the screened porch portion is thus a non-negotiable (we would never have spent that kind of money on fancy doors if we had to have a step-down to the screened porch).

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