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Best way to Winter protect potted Southern Magnolia starter plants NJ?

barplants123 barplants123
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I bought 19 small ~18 inch decently-rooted starter plants in ~3 gallon platsic black pots of Bracken's brown beauty Southern Magnolias in Late fall and didn't get the plant them because the planting site still needs more dirt to build up to avoid wet feet and the sprinklers need to be worked on.

I have them just out in the open lawn where they at least get full sun during the day to thaw out, it's been freezing at night in New Jersey and I was thinking to soon plant them still in the pots in my veg garden and put a lot of straw and leaf mulch to insulate. Is there a better option like a make-shift greenhouse ? I have clear plastic but it's very thin and won't hold up much to snow or ice if I put it over a frame of wood. I have heavy tarps but they won't let sun through.

I got them cheap $20 each, so I'm ok if some die but also not sure if I'll ever find this species again even if not for so cheap.

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