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Soundproofing between floors

Bub Rivetti
2 months ago

We did a gut renovation of our rowhouse a couple years ago but decided to save the old floors and now we are wishing we had replaced them because you can hear footsteps/creaking floor boards in the basement apartment below (you can even hear our cats). We put two layers of gyp bd under the flooring and the green glue soundproofing during the initial renovation and it probably helped a good bit. What is the best way to further soundproof between the floors so the tenant below cant hear us walking around? We are willing to spend some money on this but don't want to spend a lot if it doesn't make much of a difference.

Would removing the flooring and adding a subfloor help much? We don't want to mess with the kitchen cabinets/island since they were just updated.

Is there any sort of soundproofing material we could put below the floor boards if we replace them?


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