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Exterior Window Trim Advice Needed

last year


We plan to re-paint our exterior in a darker, more neutral color (SW Anonymous with Shoji white trim) and need to replace the window trim on our narrow garage windows. The existing shutters are too old and damaged to be re-painted. I know little about current exterior decorating trends but google says that non-functional shutters are out of style. Is this true? We had originally planned to replace the louvered shutters with black or a dark wine color board and batten shutters. Would 1x4 on the top and bottom with 1x6 on the sides look more up-to-date or would the smaller trim make the windows look too narrow without the shutters to balance them out? If we go with wood trim, should we use 1x or 2x wood to match window trim on other windows? Would 2x6 on the top and bottom with 2x8 on the sides be a better option?

We will also be replacing the trim on the two front windows on the house. We're thinking of framing them in rough 2x6 lumber to match the side windows. Or maybe 2x6 with 2x8 or 2x10

on the sides? Again, we're questioning whether simple wood trim is a better plan than adding shutters. The front windows originally had shutters and some sagging window boxes. I don't have a before photo but will attach old photos from when we were removing the window boxes. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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