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black window exterior trim advice- remove or keep?

4 years ago

Struggling with this window trim on our sand colored house with black windows. Our builder framed them with the black but we’re afraid it’s too heavy. Trying to figure out if we should leave it, remove it all together, keep it but have him match it to our shake, or just remove around the small windows on top? Any advice would be appreciated. I added a pic of the rear so can see the siding color.

The siding is a combination of Sand color shake and stone - the house is all black & tan. No other accent colors, besides our wood door. white is not an option as it will not be anywhere on the house, (besides the stone mortar).

Also, please note the small window at the top left is not consistently framed on the bottom of it due to how close it is to the gable- it’s thicker, which is giving me grief, but maybe not noticeable to anyone else or when the siding is all on? This is why I questioned maybe just removing it all from the small windows only?

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