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Houseplant or pet?

last year

IT'S (still) ALIVE !!! Acquisition (Rescue) Day was sometime in March 2010; it was a tiny, compact little thing that suddenly took off and doubled in height (and leaf length) by May (first documentation photo). It quickly abandoned its variegation (*stupid humans mucking with Mother Nature—Green is Good Enough!* And often hardier.) It bloomed for the first time six years later (2016). It has bloomed every/every other year since. Its blossoms attracted a duskywing (butterfly) in 2019. It has reveled in hot humid summers outside, and pouted and persevered through dry dusty winters indoors. It was given a copper pipe trellis to climb in 2017; 5 feet tall (bottom of pot to top of trellis), and the vines have been doubled back on themselves repeatedly. It was relocated to a sunroom this past summer, and is currently occupying a new room (east/southeast instead of the north window it used to winter in) this winter in anticipation of an entire week of forecasted lows in the mid-20°F.

I think it is time for it to be elevated to Pet status...

Note chair it's on for scale. o.0

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