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Do You Keep Accurate Records of Your Roses?

I'm sorry to say that I've done a very poor job of it. Other than my beaten-up notebook with umpteen crossed out roses and pages of roses I've discarded (which make me want to cry) I have at least twenty files on my laptops of photos of my roses, most of which are unlabeled and many of which have numerous roses in one picture which makes it even more confusing. I don't know why it should matter since all the roses are gone, but I'm trying to put names to at least some of the roses so that I don't feel quite so abysmally stupid. I came upon one rose which really puzzled me since the flowers were so romantically old rose in character and yet I had no memory of an old rose being in that location. It hit me out of the blue, as it sometimes does, that this was a very old and not very popular Austin production, The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild. The puny canes didn't do a good job of holding up the heavy globular blooms, but it did strike me that this rose had more charm and a more individual look than the rather generic powderpuff blooms that so many of his later ones exhibit. It made me rather happy that I have a pictorial record of this rather obscure rose.

(rose on the right above)

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