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Tile dilemma ... help please

last year

Might anyone have a recommendation for a soft warm white tile (or any color tile) that might compliment this tile floor please.

This is a guest bathroom/powder room that was the only bathroom in our 1925 home. It is a very small space (more of a large powder room by todays standards) but we do need to keep it as a bathroom so will have a shower even though we will never use but it keeps the house a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom (we remodeled and took the home from a 2/1 to a 3/3)

I chose this tile at the beginning of the remodel and probably would not choose it now (but it is now installed so it is staying) but I am having a hard time finding wall tile for the shower. As this bathroom is in a hallway and the small window is the only source of light to the area, the door will probably be open most of the time so something with a bit of "shine/interst" would be great but nothing that competes with the floor. Originally I purchased matte subway tile in 4"x12" and there are a few things wrong.. 1) the tile is too large (what was I thinking - actually it was suggested by the designer) and 2) the white looks really grey next to the floor.

I thought I found a nice match and chose an elongated white marble which I thought looked good with the small samples next to each other but now the floor is in this is also too white/grey so back it goes (having to eat a 25% restock fee .. ouch) and what I have learned is that the floor is more of a soft white/off white so now looking for a tile to compliment and any true white tile is definately the wrong tone and too stark.

I am not opposed to a color tile that is in the floor but I would prefer to keep it light and fresh as we I always think a bathroom should have a light fresh clean feel (please ignore the red waterproofing walls LOL) - I have also attached the sink we have purchased.

Thank you for any suggestions and links to tile you think might work.

New Tile

Original Bathroom

New Sink

Tile we though might have been OK but too grey/white

Space with new sized window (no one can see in now)

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