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Advice to save near-dead potted Tree Philodendron (P. bipinnatifidum)?

last year
last modified: last year

Always found my neighbor's long-neglected plant interesting. It had survived decades in the same pot and a 2014 Name That Plant! post advised "P. bipinnatifidum, tree Philodendron". In recent years, only a single stem/leaf would grow-die-regrow from the top of the only active one, of three woody "trunks." Just abandoned, got permission to attempt to save it.

The plant was obtained dry with cement-like medium. The usual sole "stem+leaf" was limp, and at its visible base, browning and thinning. (It's now gone.)

Soaked the pot to the top in a bucket of low concentration nutrients overnight. From the then loosened soil, as gently as possible removed the only "working" woody "trunk" with whatever "roots" remained attached.

Next submerged all those roots (alive or dead ?) up to the bottom of that woody-trunk.

Now have noted some green growth near the bottom of the woody-trunk - not out from the top as before.

Wondering if these new growths are supplied with water directly from the slightly-submerged base of the woody-trunk? Or from the just noticed (new?) small fleshy protrusions from a single section point on the roots. Or from the elsewhere/all the roots.

And of course, curious as to the next steps suggested by GardenWeb...

PS Forgive my ignorance of nomenclature for this type of plant - but think what structures have been referred to as roots, trunks, etc., are clear.

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