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Black Sea Man tomato leaves. They seem curled is this normal?

last year

Hope that I can get some help or answers. I never have the best of results or luck when it comes to trying to grow tomatoes. If I get any at all I consider it progress and learning. Sciatica, stenosis, asthma, fractured wrist etc have limited what progress that I thought I was making for the last two years. So I was late,(mid May) putting out several of the starts just to not let them go to waste. Early Texas heat, disaster. But I had a couple that I did not put out and happened to read that you get one more shot in late July to August. So late August I potted a Black Sea Man and other peppers. Things were actually looking good for a change. Then the tomato was visited by some horn worms and the peppers by aphids. Neem oil and things seem okay. But now it seems that the leaves on the tomato plant are curling. I thought that possibly was not watering frequent enough, but even after watering there is no change, I did notice what appeared to be small black gnats or flies on some of the leaves , but they were immobile and just came off when I gave it a blast of water. So I am hoping that some of you with more knowledge and experience can shed some light on this issue. Thanks for any help, critic advice. Here are some photos,