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New Ideas for an Old Spiral Staircase

last month

Hello all! We moved into our condo about 2.5 years ago. It's in an older building, and although lots of the original details had been updated at least once, it's been about 30 years since the last renovation, so we made more changes after we moved in. One big project was the flooring; we swapped out the narrow orange-y wood to a wider plank in a lighter color to better match our style. However, there's a steel spiral staircase in the corner of the living room that leads to a lower level. The steps and the landing of the stairs are in the orange-y wood from the previous owner. We're looking for some ideas on how to update the stairs to better complement our current color scheme/decor/style. For the steps, we're thinking of just painting them. But we're stumped for ideas on the landing. Would love to get some ideas and/or warnings on what not to do. A few things we've considered: 1) Painting the landing (white? an oatmeal color to match our current floors? a contrasting color for a color pop?) 2) Using some sort of contact paper to completely mask/change the landing. 3) Some sort of rug?? (But that doesn't solve the problem of the orange-y wood trim around the edges.) I guess what we'd really want is to just yank the wood planks off the landing and replace with something else... but we're not sure how that would work structurally. We're at a loss. Help!

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