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Mold - New Construction

2 months ago

Hello, we are in the trim stage of our new build. Today when I was at the house, I noticed mold on the drywall in one of the rooms in our basement. The mold went up the wall about 2' and was more prevalent on the one exterior wall than the other walls. We live in Ohio and the weather has gotten much colder in the past few weeks. I contacted the builder and he said it's surface mold and that it's very common in new builds and not to worry that it will wipe right off. He also stated they would be bringing a dehumidifier to the house today and that they would be turning on the furnace next week and that we shouldn't see any more signs of mold. Should I be worried? Or is this type of mold common in new construction? I did take a rag and wiped of a small section and it did appear to come right off. Does the drywall need replaced or can it just be cleaned?

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