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Guidance on Adding a Window to Family Room

last month

We want to add a window to our family room for more light. We know this room won’t ever be the brightest room in the house, but we think letting in more light than is there now would be an improvement.

The room faces south.

There are trees around our backyard providing some shade.

Photo # 1: Family room. There’s a patio door to the right.

The wall behind the sofa is: approximately 147” wide from the corner of the room to the trim around the patio door (hidden by the vertical blind).

Photo # 2: Window in our kitchen. The kitchen window is approximately 77” wide from the outermost edges of the trim.

Photo # 3: Back of our house. The new window would be between the patio door to the left and the kitchen window to the right.

Photo # 4: My amateur attempt to superimpose the kitchen window on the wall. (I didn’t have the patience or skill to remove the light fixture.) I don’t know if the proportions are correct. This is just for a visual to see how it might look.

We’re considering:

+ Similar to kitchen with two casements

+ A ¼ casement - ½ fixed/picture - ¼ casement

+ A sliding window so opening it doesn’t interfere with anything outside such as plants, etc.


1. We thought we could mimic the style of the kitchen window for consistency. Would it make sense to do something even wider? Granted, a 77” window similar to the kitchen window would leave only about 3’ of wall on either side, so there’s not a whole lot wider it could be. But still worth thinking about?

2. Aesthetically, should any new window be centered on the wall?

3. Once we get a window, should the sofa be centered under it? Or could it be offset? (Right now it’s directly opposite a wall-mounted flat screen TV which is centered on its wall.) It’s in a good spot and I hope we can get away with not centering the sofa under a window.

Price is not the biggest factor. We’re more concerned with how it will look and function.

The broader project also involves removal of the dated wallpaper, new window coverings for the patio door and the new window, and new carpeting.

Thank you for any comments and suggestions.

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