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Frustrating installation of shower head

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I bought a new hand-held shower head at Costco yesterday. A good deal on a WaterPik PowerPulse. Lots of pressure, which I love, and can't seem to get.

What should have been a 5-minute installation took fooorevvver. Just a trickle of water coming out of the head.

Took off the handle and head, checked that water was coming out of the rotator ball attached to the water spout, re-installed the showerhead. Nothing. Checked that no plastic was covering the nozzles and head. Nope. Made sure washers were there, and no obstruction in the hose. Check.

Re-installed previous showerhead, took a shower and packed up new purchase to take back to Costco tomorrow or Thursday.

Was sitting and stewing and decided to check one more thing.

Uninstalled current hand held, re-installed shiny new one, and flipped the lever that pauses the water. It went into position with an obvious click.......voila!! Water!!!


Made a note on comments that Waterpick should make a disclaimer that if water pressure is very low, to check that the lever is in the correct position. I also mentioned that quality control people should put it back into correct position when testing.

There were comments of people taking it back because of poor or non-existent pressure. It seems I'm not the only one!

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