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California home with identity crisis

S Hill
2 months ago

Hi all!
I just bought this house in a coastal town in Southern California. I bought it for the ocean view and location and the interior which has loads of potential and character. HOWEVER, I hate the exterior… it used to be a Tudor style ( this house was built in 1928) which is a weird style for this area that is known for Spanish style homes. In the 1990’s someone did some really weird stuff to it… they tried to make it look like a villa in lake Como or something.
The result is confused and tacky!
I would love some ideas to make improvements to the facade.
So far I plan to replace all windows and doors, redo stucco, plaster over rock chimney and I’d like to get rid of the balusters. I’m also considering removing the strange front entry and the balcony above and doing a porch with wider balcony.
The house needs color, wood accents, plants and a style directions.
I’d also like to get rid the the weird clipped gable.
I would love to do a Spanish style but I’m afraid it might not work with the steep roof pitch. I wonder what it would cost to lower the roof angle.
Any ideas or input?
Thanks everyone!

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