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Any Recommendations On Canadian Pharmacies for US Citizens?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Do you buy medications from Canada or another enlightened country where drug costs are controlled?

DH has tried a new medication that has brought him back to where he was nine months ago when he had to quit Abilify. His MD gave him three weeks of Rexulti tablets to see how it worked -- perfectly! It's an improved version of the Abilify. He will be taking this long term.

When he went to collect the first 30-day prescription from our local pharmacy the cost was just shy of $1500 retail ($50/tablet retail; $22.50/tablet on his Medicare Part D plan). His MD has offered to prescribe a larger dose that he can cut in half, but that is still $11/half tablet.

A quick look at Canadian pharmacies -- well just one, Canadian Pharmacy King in Surrey -- offers the split-able medication in 90 day amounts. Cost would be $2.56/ split tablet including shipping.

However...fine print says they receive supply from many distributors all over the world, including India, Mauritius, etc. (and the UK). That raises the question of quality. The mind is a terrible thing to lose!

The drug manufacturer, Otsuka-Lundberg, offers a discount that makes the medication almost FREE but the savings is not available to people on Medicare. The drug was approved in 2015. IDK how long it might be before a generic is available. (There was a generic for Abilify.)

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