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cat throwing clots

rob333 (zone 7a)
last month
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Have you had this experience?

Went to the vet yesterday, and they said UTI, blockage, and both of those were negative. Cat walks slowly, and avoids the right forepaw. He hasn't REALLY walked/jumped in 3 days. He's not crying, is not breathing oddly.... He'll eat, drink as though he's dying of thirst, and has used the litter box appropriately.

Apparently, with vets, it's emergent or it can wait forever. Do I really have to pay for an ER vet.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm watching him, every hour on the hour, and picking him up to move him to food and water. He's, drinks, go to the bathroom in the box...

Not my cat. Hate this cat. And I am still taking care of him.
What should I do tomorrow, if he's still not walking/jumping? How little is too little walking?

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