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Planting ideas for my raised cedar beds

Finally, finally one of my contractors assembled the 9 cedar raised beds intended for the inside perimeter of my fenced backyard. I have accrued a collection of nice hostas, heucheras, and painted ferns for the 2 shaded beds under my neighbor's overhanging mulberry tree.

The cedar beds are 8 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 16.5" deep, except for the 2 in the back corners of the backyard. Those have a central section which is 4 x 4' and 22" inches deep, with the intended planting of a couple of dwarf crape myrtles in the center section, flanked by some heucheras. The arms coming off the central section are 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 16.5" deep. There are also three 4 x 2' beds attached together on the eastern side of my large garden shed (in the middle). I intend to put trellises on the eastern side to support 2 climbing roses I bought.

The 2 corner beds will have full sun, and the two 8' beds on the eastern side of the yard will have full morning and early afternoon sun. I was thinking of planting a central small shrub in each of the eastern beds

and flanking it with sun loving perennials. Does anyone have suggestions as to what I should plant in these long-awaited cedar raised beds? Thanks!

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