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Please help my blue elf is not doing well

Erica Erikitty
last month

Hi! im so stressed about a "blue elf" someone gave me. let me first say, i know next to nothing about succulents so im sorry ahead of time.

was gifted this m, blue elf is the name they gave me. He has one bit flower cluster unopened coming up over him and another smaller cluster on the bottom side of him. ive been having a problem with spider mites lately so i sprayed all my plants with fertilome triple action plus. soil was really really dry. i waited 5 days then watered it. now it looks terrible. a bunch of leaves are yellow and kind of shrivled. the flowers that havnt opened yet on top..the leaves are shrivled and yellow. the one one the bottom seems to be coming out from under the laves but it is also half green half yellow.

the soul they are in is a mix of 50% perlite and 50% succulent soil. i did buy a terra cotta pot this morning so im repotting now. about sunlight.. i live in zone 8b (i think) in arizona. our temps are up to 116 degrees f some days and there are zero plants in existance that want "full sun" here (no matter what their tag says). the idea of indirect light confuses me. how do i do that? please help me with this guy! i really like him!

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