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Tone down the cottage style

Rachel E
2 months ago

Hi, all! New-to-us home, built in the 1920's and remodeled in the 1950's. The front is farmhouse/cottage, the back is more modern with clean lines and lots of windows. I'd love help in toning down the cottage feel of the front (our aesthetic is more modern but I understand that the front is what it is!). There are lots of architectural styles in our neighborhood, most houses built in the 1920's to 1940's.

Siding, windows, garage doors are staying for now. Need help with trim color change, plus other small details to help update the style (front door, mailbox, numbers, lighting, etc). Roof is also being replaced in the next few years, so would love thoughts on roof color.

I'll be posting about the most horrible mantel ever at some point too (our realtor called it "corporate boardroom chic" yikes!). Thanks everyone!!

All pictures from the listing, so not with our stuff.

Front of house:

Closer detail:

Back rooms (for comparison)

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