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When a lone cloud passes by....

out comes the camera. It was still 100 in the shade, but it gave both me and the blooms a chance to be out of that relentless sizzling sun......So here are a few things today and maybe more.......

Dearest Valentine wasn't doing too well in the full to 3/4 day sun. Had an "off" to me rose color and the edges folded inward:

I moved it down just a bit into more shade after 1PM and this is how pretty it became. Nice pink color and edges are perfect (102 was the high today). Location, location, location-lol:

This daylily bloomed it's first time this year after sitting around for 3 years in a pot. Boy, has it made up for it. It has had at least 5 rebloom scapes (and I don't get those very often), and I see another starting up now. It has been rock solid. Colorfast/sunfast. Amazing. By the color you can tell it has Bill Norris in its lineage.

Great Goodness Gracious:

Paul Voth had its last bloom today. For a dark color its amazing how sunfast/colorfast it is. The camera does not do justice to it's jewel like tones:

A new one from one of our own. Muy Caliente. It's a hot orange, and I love that color. Did pretty well holding it's color and substance in our extreme heat too, with only a little blotching that I hope clears up as it matures.

Muy Caliente:

Debra showed her Indian Ripple, so I'll show you what my first bloom did when it met the heat here:

Indian Ripple FFO:

I'm a big fan of yellow flowers, and to end this I'll show you my Tecoma Stans Yellow Bells from today. The heat doesn't bother it at all:

Tecoma Stans (Esperanza)


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