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question on biennial flowers (such as Black-Eyed Susan)

Lynn Nevins
8 months ago

I'm trying to see if I understand how biennial flowers works. If a flower is biennial, does that mean it will not flower until its second year? And, once the plant flowers, those particular flowers/plants will die after one year and not return. However, the dried seedheads will release new seeds, so that the cycle always continues...the plant is constantly self-sowing. So while the individual plants/flowers are considered Annuals,, they take two-years to each develop, and even though they die after that, in some ways it's Perennial only because it self-sows so readily..

Do I sorta have that right? Or may I indeed need to toss a few additional BES seeds onto the site, every year, to ensure a continual good-sized patch of BES flowers in my garden?


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