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Setting up irrigation with timer and submersible pump

Teresa Schröter
3 months ago

Hi guys!
We got a cistern with a submersible pump and a power switch to turn it on. I want to install an automatic irrigation system. BUT I also want to be able to water some stuff manually with a seperate hose. Meaning, I need to split it and have one hose going to the irrigation system and one just sitting there, on demand.
(How) can I manage to 1) have the automatic system run twice a day and 2) have the other hose available on demand, WITHOUT always having the pump run or needing to reset the timer?
I can't quite get my head around it yet, but I guess there is two general ways:
I could hook an electricity timer up bewteen the pump and the power.
Or I could put a water timer straight into the respective hose.
I'm jut not sure, if any of those can solve my issue... Any ideas??
Thanks for your help!


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