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Best metal watering wand?

catherinet (5IN)
5 months ago

I've had a long metal watering wand for a long time........but it's gone missing. :( I liked it because I could remove the "shower head" and just let the water come out. I like it 'cause I can water underneath my tomato plants, without getting the lower leaves wet (which causes leaf spot). I bought one that looked good at Lowe's....but discovered it was all plastic, with a Prop 65 warning. So now I'm looking for a 30-36" all metal watering wand. I don't want to have to hold down anything to control the water flow, (arthritis) but just an on/off switch.........but I can always put a little extra on/off thing on it. Anyone have something like this? What brand is it? I've looked a lot online, but can't find exactly what I want. Thanks.

I just know I'll find my other one after I buy a new one. ;)

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