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Need your help with very small beach apartment renovation.

Susan Lopez
9 days ago

My husband and I recently purchased a small studio apartment directly on the beach in the South of France. We would like to convert the 37 sqm (400 sq ft) studio to 1 bedroom of 47 sqm (505 sq ft) by enclosing the existing terrace.

To make this as challenging as possible, the front entrance is exactly in the center of a narrow and long room with the only window and light source being a long slider on the terrace end.

The building is heritage listed in France as a significant structure representing modern European architecture. I would therefore hope to have the apartment's design pay homage to the late 60's era without being too literal.

We will be spending a great deal of time there so I would like there to be sufficient storage both in the kitchen and bedroom closet. The apartment should also have space for a work desk and/or a dining table as well as a bookcase for a large book collection.

The apartment location is very near the Northern Italian kitchen manufacturing center and I hope to purchase a showroom kitchen through one of two online outlets. (This means that I can significantly upgrade the level of kitchen at between 50 and 70% less than the cost of going through a designer.) Given this, I have used the available kitchens on those sites as a starting point for the overall design.

What I haven't been able to do is decide on the type of flooring, the room layout, and the color palette for furnishings (all new) and paint colors.

This is a photo of the apartment as it is currently the from the entrance. It is approx. 500 cm (16.5 ft) wide and 960 cm (31.5 ft) long. There is a bathroom on the left and a small nook kitchen after that. On the right is a Murphy bed and closet. Everything is going to be removed, including the flooring as it doesn't match so the plumbing can be re-routed.

Another photo looking toward the front door.

Here is where the terrace has been enclosed.

The back of the building facing North away from the beach.

The beach directly in front of the apartment on the right.

The unusual entrance.

I've mocked up a preliminary design possibility using HomebyMe software.

There is a washer and dryer in the bathroom.

This is a 3D rendition.

This is a more realistic rendition looking toward the kitchen.

I would really appreciate any advice on small space design and whether or not a small dining table could be added and any lighting ideas as the building is concrete so there can be no down lights and it might be a bit dark in the back. If anyone could also recommend a better layout I would also appreciate it.

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