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My Common Milkweed seedlings seem to be growing very slowly?

Lynn Nevins
7 months ago

Hi all. I successfully germinated some Common Milkweed seeds about two months ago. Before I left town a few weeks ago, the seedlings were about 3" high. They are in a very large planter on my rooftop (I'm in NYC, Zone 6b).

I had a housesitter here these past few weeks, and I could see that he took excellent care of all my plants. They were all in terrific shape. However, I was expecting that my milkweed would have gotten larger these past few weeks, similar to many of my other plants. But yet, the milkweed seedlings, while they look healthy, are still just about 3" high.

Maybe I'll try adding some fish fertilizer...a bit of diluted Superthrive...see if that helps give it a boost. Beyond that, any ideas? Maybe I just need to be a bit more patient?? ;-)

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