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Re: dried mealworm, if I REHYDRATE, does that entice birds more?

Lynn Nevins
last year

Hi all. I recently thought I'd try to offer dry mealworms as part of my offerings for the birds that visit my third floor balcony. My understanding is that while mealworms are more desired during breeding/nestling season, that certain birds DO still appreciate them throughout the year.

I also know that by REhydrating them, birds get a bit more water in their diet. But what I want to know is, will REhydrating also make the worms more appealing? I ask seems no matter what, my local birds seem to have no interest (at least, in the DRIED, non-rehydrated form of worm).

Would it make a difference if, in tandem with the worms, I offer grape jelly in a shallow dish (something new I'm trying to add to my seed repertoire) and/or chopped apple?

I also always have fresh water that I offer, in some shallow bowls.

As for what birds typically come to my balcony, I get sparrow, housefinch, blue jay, northern mockingbird, cardinal and the occasional robin. Only ONCE did I see a baltimore oriole and a goldfinch.


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