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Ideas on chalk painting this table?

last month

Here's a better picture of the table I posted in another thread.

Refinishing is out and I'm down to two colors of paint. Tomorrow will be rainy again so I want to begin tonight.

One idea I have is to only paint the table top and leave the rest alone. Two tone but most people paint the bottom and leave the top alone. Not this one, it's pretty bad and it's also a bit warped on one side.

If I decide to do two tone should I paint the long hang, apron?...on both sides of the table?

I pulled the chairs back to get a better idea of color, and the table will go between them. Lots of room but I have the chairs scooted back and close together for a better picture.

Paint colors. I ordered the Clotted Cream because the color on the can is my dream color. But it's nothing like pale yellow, it's a creamy white. It's not a bright white like the top of the can. The other is Agave.

Last but not least, my shadow Pepper, who slept while I took pictures. I replaced the cats winter bedding with soft king size pillow cases and they love them!

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