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Native Frangipani. Hymentosum flavum. family : Pittosporaceae

last year

Good morning from The South Burnett, Queensland.

My 3 year old Frangipani is loosing all of it leaves, also couple of the small lower branches look dead. It has had so much water the last few months. It has grown a 3rd of its size this season loving the rain we have had, but I am not sure if it is enjoying wet feet for so long. Question. After doing some searching not much comes up on natives Fragipani loosing their leaves in Winter. The last few winters I have had with this lovely plant it has lost some but not as quickly as it is atm. Any information on supporting this plant would be appreciated.

BTW My Francis water gums and Black fruited lilly Pilly have doubled in size this season and look so healthy.

Cheers everyone.



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