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Salvia greggii, S. microphylla & Hybrids, self-seeding?

last year
last modified: last year

In past gardens I never explored these species, probably because the red and white 'Hotlips' makes me feel nauseous. The epic June heatwave last year in the Northwest really woke me up to the need to plan for extreme heat and drought, and I planted my first cultivar, 'Mirage Violet'. Incredible non-stop blooming performance through the extreme heat last summer, cruised through constantly saturated Willamette Valley clay all winter, multiple severe freezes in April after leafing out, and is now blooming again. This spring I added 'Mirage Deep Purple' and 'Radio Red', both are just starting to bloom. And, I think I now see tiny seedlings from 'Mirage Violet'! Anyone have experience with S. greggii or the Mirage Series self-seeding, will the seedlings be worthy of keeping in the garden, will they be a variety of colors and sizes?

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