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Kalmiopsis leachiana or fragans?

2 years ago

Hi Everyone, I went to a location out of Roseburg, Oregon to find some Kalmiopsis. I am unclear as to how to tell the difference between the species. Bonap says that these have to be K fragrans, and as far as I have read, the only major difference between the two species is the depth of the lobes. The genetics represented at this one site seem to have various lobe depth. Tell me what you think. Plants were all growing in the cracks between the rocks. Super cool to see! I hope you enjoy.

Plant 1

Plants 2 and 3

Closeup of plant 2 on top of last photo

Plant 4

Photo 5, with a couple plants in the cracks.

Plant 6, very sure that this one is fragrans.

Plant 7

Closeup of Plant 7. If I didn't know better, I'd call this leachiana...

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