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Strelitzia Nicolai - Curling leaves.. Is my plant dying?

Joachim Berg
7 months ago

Hi everyone :-)

I bought a Strelitzia Nicolai two months ago, and at the time the plant looked naturally healthy. Two months has passed and gradually the leaves on the plant have curled up more and more.
So a week ago I decided to check the bottom of the plastic pot it came in, and the roots were protruding the bottom of the pot, so I decided I wanted to repot it.
I bought a fancy self-watering insert pot and repotted it in a mixture of sphagnum and perlite.

When I repotted it, I was also not sure how high in the pot I was supposed to pot it. The previous pot was slightly smaller, but the plant was potted all the way in the bottom om that pot. Now it's potted a little bit higher, which is why more of the stem's yellow colors are exposed. Is that bad?

Since repotting, I have been trying to keep the leaves slightly damp by spraying misted rain water on them, but to little effect.

I suspect that the plant is curling its leaves because of the presumed low humidity in my apartment. We have floor heating (which is why the pot is risen off the floor) and air conditioning. But could there be another cause?

I've been sticking to the schedule of not watering untill the top 2-3 cm of soil is dry, but will obviously have to adjust to some new schedule now that I've bought that special pot insert. Any ideas on this too?

Recommendations and tips are much appreciated! Thanks in advance ☺️

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