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What is this insect damage from ?

10 months ago

We have a raised "VegTrug" we have had for 3 years. This is the year to change the liner that holds the soil, and when we did, we found a number of the wooden slats like this one: it looks like chewing (praying not termite) damage to me but it's early spring in New England and nothing/nobody is moving around out there. I just went out with a flashlight tonight to see if there was any activity. Just a wooly bear caterpillar hunkered down in a corner. The Trug is large, and it makes sense that under the fabric (like a heavy duty landscape cloth) it is dark and damp all the time. We used it for growing lettuces and greens so I don't want to have to spray or treat the wood... any thoughts on an ID, or a solution?

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