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Marvin Essential vs Andersen 100 Picture windows

2 years ago


We are in the process of pricing out windows for a new house construction and chose all Marvin "Essential" windows ( black / black ) except for the patio door (Marvin "Elevate" 190" x 96").

Ofcourse, this exceeded our budget and trying to cut down the cost without compromising quality.

I understand we are not comparing same materials here (Fibrex/composite vs Fiberglass) but we got the quote for Andersen 100 .

1. The 96" x 72" picture window came 2.5x less than Marvin Essential.

Is 2.5x more price justified for Marvin Essential over A-100 ?

2. Would it be a bad idea if we keep A100 picture window on one wall and Marvin Casement window on another wall in the same room?

Swapping the picture windows in the entire house may not keep in budget, but will definitely help closer to be. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you

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