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Recommendation for yard long beans?

last year
last modified: last year

I have eaten this type of green beans but have never bought or grown them. I want to grow some this summer and dummy me, I did not anticipate so many varieties of seeds being available! I dont know which one to get.

Of course I want something tasty, tender (i.e. not fibrous), hopefully stringless, and very productive. I am guessing they are easy to grow?

I saw 'Taiwan Yard-long Beans' and 'Red Noodle Bean' at Bakers Creek, which look promising.

And there are many, including colored ones, being sold at the asiangarden2tabledotcom under beans & peas.

(I am not able to provide direct links.)

I would be so grateful if someone recommended a variety for my first time growing these beans from the above sites or any online source. And may be why you like them as well.

Thank you so much!!

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